This PCEA Missions Committee Sponsorship Scheme is intended to support a School in India that we have had a long-standing relationship with for many years.

The sponsorship cost for one year is $240 (Australian Dollars). This will supply a needy student with uniform, books and tuition for a year.

Payment is by monthly installments of $20 per month. You can cancel at any time, but we would ask you to consider this as a long-term commitment.

To sponsor a student you can make a regular recurring payment using Paypal. Please chose PAYPAL when entering your details using the online form for your chosen sponsorship.

If you wish to use Direct Deposit from your own internet Banking, or want to send us a cheque in the mail to pay for your sponsorship, please select OFF-LINE DONATION when entering details below and then follow the further instructions to complete the transaction. If using either of these methods you will need to set up your own system to make recurring payments. Please Note: If you use these payment methods your transaction will remain “pending” until manually verified. We do recommend using Paypal if you want to be assured of a particular choice of student to sponsor.

You can, and we would love you to, continue to sponsor a child for more than a year. You do this just by allowing your Paypal payment or direct debit to automatically continue, but if you need to cancel your payments you can also do this very easily on Paypal, or by stopping any regular direct debit you may have set up for yourself.

Once you have chosen to sponsor a child, we can send you more details about them, a photo and updates on their progress. Please note, that we cannot give detailed descriptions here on this page for security and privacy reasons.

The Fine Print

Our use of your personal information is intended to administer the sponsorship scheme and is governed by our Privacy policy and the Terms and Conditions – which you agree to by making your first payment. Please read the terms and conditions before making a donation or commencing sponsorship. In brief: please be assured that we do not share your information with anyone. Unless you pay us by cheque, we do not know or store your financial details in any form. All payments on this site are processed securely by Paypal. By clicking on the DONATE buttons on each project and using Paypal you agree to their own Terms and Conditions.

Please contact us if you need any further information, help with setting up payments or if you have more questions.

The PCEA is registered as a Charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC). Donations and Sponsorships are not Tax-Deductible.

Here are our currently available sponsorships. Please help us by sponsoring now.