Here you will find a list of Students already sponsored by you and others using Paypal. For security reasons, we are still listing the students here only by the student ID’s we assigned them. You should have this number in the student record that was mailed and/or emailed to you.

NB Before you continue here, please go to Paypal, login and check your Paypal account to see if your sponsorship is still current for the next year. If it is, PLEASE DO NOT renew your sponsorship here, you will duplicate your sponsorship for the same student, paying twice the required amount (You are very welcome to sponsor an additional student via the Donations and Sponsorships page instead, if you wish). However, if your Paypal sponsorship has expired, please follow the instructions below:

To renew your sponsorship of your own student:

1. Please select ONLY your student/s from the ones listed below. Your own sponsor reference number (AU00XX) is also listed in the short description on each card to assist you in locating your sponsored student.

2. Hit the SPONSOR button. You will be redirected to the Paypal site to complete your payment. A receipt for your payment will be issued by Paypal, and a confirmation and thank-you will follow from our website.

If you sponsor more than one student you will need to repeat this renewal process for each one.

Thank you for your continued support of the PCEA Sponsorship Scheme. We know that your support has been invaluable in this past year, and we pray that we can continue to help the School and staff there. If you need further assistance or wish to make a comment please contact us