This page shows various options for donations to special projects undertaken by mission works that the PCEA supports, apart from our Sponsorship scheme. By giving here you can be assured that your donation is used 100% to help the growth and strengthening of Christ Jesus’ Church in denominations associated with the PCEA, and improving the lives of individuals through health, education and infrastructure projects.

Making Donations

Donations can be made through the website here using Paypal to help to fund the projects listed below. Donations for special projects which will appear here from time to time, or giving to our overall Mission funds, can be made for any amount by clicking on your chosen project or the “General Mission Funds” project listed below.

NOTE We use Paypal as our secured payment system for donations but you are NOT required to have a Paypal account to donate. The system will offer you the option of donating using your debit or credit card, and you simply fill in the details required to process the payment as a one-off transaction. You may, if you wish, open a Paypal account for free after you donate. Paypal will give you this option as you finish the transaction. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details if required.

  1. Help the people in India during the COVID-19 Crisis.
  2. All donations to the General Missions Fund are used to help the PCEA support various Mission projects.